DNS Records Explained

DNS Records typically only have to be modified by experienced users who are configuring an advanced approach to their web presence. If you registered a domain through MonsterWeb and you plan on utilizing MonsterWeb for all of your web presence needs, we recommend that you keep the default records in place.

Domain Pointing & Redirecting

You are not always required to change your DNS Records when you want to point your domain or set up a redirect. You can try using a 301 redirect or simple domain pointers to accomplish what you need. These types of redirects are great for forwarding all traffic from one domain onto another. If you need to fine-tune how your domain works, you will need to utilize DNS Records instead.

Knowing Which DNS Records Are Correct

When you register a domain with MonsterWeb or add an existing domain on to your MonsterWeb account, a zone file (set of DNS records) is created for that domain. The zone file's records all point to MonsterWeb's service by default. The settings contained within the zone file only work if your domain's name servers are pointing to MonsterWeb (if the name servers are pointing to another company, then the domain would be using the other company's DNS settings).

At MonsterWeb, we can help you understand how to make changes to your DNS Records. We can also reset your DNS Records back to the MonsterWeb defaults. We can also try to verify that the DNS Records you see inside of Domain Management match what the rest of the world sees (propagation times may cause up to a 48 delay whenever you make a modification to your DNS Records).

However, if you decide to use DNS Records that vary from the MonsterWeb defaults, MonsterWeb will not be able to verify that you are using accurate records. The records you utilize should be obtained from the company you are trying to point the records to. If you prefer to reset your records back to the MonsterWeb defaults, please contact us for assistance.

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